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New Rensa Health Business Unit Now Producing Up to 2.5 Million Masks per Month

Warrenville, Ill. (July 1, 2020) — Rensa Health, a subsidiary of Rensa Filtration, is now producing high-quality surgical masks at their manufacturing facility in Illinois. They currently have manufacturing capacity to produce up to 2.5 million surgical masks per month and can scale accordingly to meet demand. Rensa ClearCare™ (ASTM Level 2) and ClearCare Ultra™ (ASTM Level 3) masks are now in stock and available direct and through distribution partners nationwide.

Rensa Filtration has long been an international leader in advanced filtration products, including MERV and HEPA filters and gas phase filtration. They are now applying that expertise to produce masks with high-efficiency filtration and exceptional breathability. Rensa Health was spun off as a new division earlier this year in response to the rising demand for PPE to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Brandon Ost, the Founder and CEO of Rensa Filtration and an internationally recognized expert in filtration technologies, says, “We saw a real need for high-quality PPE to help healthcare workers, frontline workers in other sectors and consumers protect themselves (and others) from the spread of COVID-19. Since we already had the expertise in technical nonwoven materials and the industry connections to ramp up manufacturing capabilities quickly, it was a natural fit for our company to move into this market.”

Rensa Health was born amidst the pandemic, but Rensa is committed to the PPE market for the long run. Rensa Filtration initially applied for Federal funding to put ten manufacturing lines in place, but when they did not receive word back on their application, the company decided to proceed using their own funds. They quickly partnered with The RDI Group, a custom production machinery manufacturer, to design and install two manufacturing lines for surgical masks. They also secured a long-term partnership with Lydall, a U.S.-based supplier of raw materials for the critical nonwoven filtration layer that is the key to the masks’ efficacy. Rensa engineers and filtration experts worked with medical advisors with extensive clinical experience, including Dr. John Heiner of the University of Wisconsin Medical Schools and Middleton Veterans Hospital, to ensure that the mask would meet the needs of frontline healthcare workers for safety, filtration efficiency and comfort.

Frank Cea, the Product Manager for the Rensa ClearCare ™ and ClearCare Ultra™ surgical masks, says, “There are a lot of masks on the market right now made with lower-quality materials that are either not very efficient in filtering out pathogens or sacrifice breathability by adding extra layers to achieve sufficient filtration efficiency. It was important to us to create a mask that provides the protection frontline workers need without sacrificing comfort and breathability.” The high-tech nonwoven filter media layer in the Rensa masks uses electrostatic attraction to achieve particulate capture rates exceeding 99% without restricting airflow. That makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Mr. Cea explains, “Many healthcare workers who are required to wear N95s are using ASTM surgical masks to cover them and extend their life, since N95s are in short supply. Imagine what having an ASTM mask with poor breathability would do to a frontline worker who needs oxygen to keep them alert. More airflow equals better performance.”

Rensa ClearCare™ and ClearCare Ultra™ surgical masks exceed ASTM criteria for both particulate and bacterial filtration efficiency, capturing more than 99% of small particles and bacteria. This is the same level of filtration efficiency provided by the material in an N95 respirator (though the surgical masks do not seal to the face like the respirators to prevent air from entering around the sides of the mask). The ClearCare Ultra ™ Level 3 surgical masks also provide exceptional fluid resistance, making them suitable for all but the highest risk medical environments. The masks were test and certified by Nelson Labs to meet ASTM requirements for use in medical or industrial environments.

It’s easy to do business with Rensa Health. Customers can buy in bulk directly from the manufacture or through their preferred distributor. Consumers can also buy online very easily through a variety of channels, inluding Amazon. Mr. Cea says, “Additional distributors are approaching us every week as they learn about our masks. As buyers become more educated about the main features of the masks and their efficacy, they understand more clearly the benefit of having a Rensa ClearCare™ mask. Plus, our masks are 100% sourced and produced in America to keep Americans working and working safely.” Rensa Health currently has two production lines in operation and can scale as needed. The company shipped its first order of surgical masks in September after receiving ASTM certifications in June and receiving communication from the FDA in August. While the FDA review is underway, they are approved to sell throughout the United States under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Mr. Cea says, “Wearing a mask is the simplest and most cost-effective step we all can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect each other during the pandemic. I was honored to be asked to take on product management for these essential supplies. Now, both frontline workers and the general public have access to a high-quality, American-made mask that can help them stay safe and comfortable. I’m excited about the long-term potential for this business and proud of the commitment Rensa has made to public health and safety.”

About Rensa Health

Rensa Health is a subsidiary of Rensa Filtration, a family of air filtration companies producing best-in-class solutions for air quality, health and safety. Rensa Health produces ASTM-rated surgical masks for use by workers in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, industry and foodservice as well as the general public. They have applied their engineering and materials expertise to the mission of creating PPE that exceeds filtration efficiency standards while retaining exceptional comfort and breathability.