Face Masks and COVID-19

Face masks are an essential element of the fight against COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens. Disposable surgical masks like Rensa ClearCare™ and ClearCare Ultra™ protect medical staff, teachers, retail workers, industrial workers and others protection from both airborne pathogens and other particulates. Here’s what you should know about masks and COVID-19.

Industrial worker wearing white surgical mask

The Journey of a Germ

One primary transmission route for COVID-19 is through virus particles carried in respiratory droplets. (1,2)

Larger Droplets

  • Fall out of the air within seconds to minutes
  • Remain close to their source

Smaller Droplets and Particles

  • Remain suspended for minutes to hours
  • Can travel far from their source on air currents
Illustration of releasing droplets in one breath

One Breath:

  • Releases 50-500 droplets
  • Low velocity
  • Travels 3-6 feet
Illustration of releasing droplets in one cough

One Cough:

  • Releases 3,000+ more droplets
  • Velocity ~50 mph
  • Travels up to 19 ft.
Illustration of releasing droplets in one sneeze

One Sneeze:

  • Releases 30,000+ droplets
  • Velocity ~200 mph
  • Travels up to 26 ft.
Illustration of coronavirus risk with masks

Masks and Coronavirus Transmission

Masks help to control the spread of the coronavirus by capturing respiratory droplets before they enter the airstream. They work best when EVERYONE is masked. (1,2)


Choose the Right Mask

Different types and styles of masks have different levels of effectiveness. Choose the mask that is right for your level of exposure and work environment. (1,2,3)

Cloth face mask, surgical mask and n-95 respirator
HEPA Filter

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